I.2. Quodlibetal Questions

I. Manuscripts

Holcot’s quodlibetal questions are extant in three English manuscripts. For a discussion of these manuscripts, see Tachau, Seeing the Future Clearly, 34ff.

1. Cambridge, Pembroke College Library, ms. 236, ff. 117ra-221vb.
2. London, British Library, ms. Royal 10.C.vi, ff. 141vb-174ra.
3. Oxford, Balliol College Library, ms. 246, ff. 182ra-264va.

For a discussion of Düsseldorf, Universitäts-und Landesbibliothek, ms. F.5, (and its relation to the prior manuscript tradition) see my post here.  Sharpe (1475, p. 557) first argued that this ms. contained select quodlibets and this judgement was followed by Keele (however, Keele did not cite Sharpe). As I argue, this is not a distinct witness. One can access Düsseldorf, ms. F.5, here.

II. Incunabula/Early Modern Editions

A brief selection of Holcot’s quodlibetal questions were included in the various editions of the Sentences published in the early modern period (see above). In these texts they usually are found under the title “determinationes.” A comprehensive list of the quodlibetal questions and the corresponding determinationes extant in the early printed editions will be published in one of the appendices of the Robert Holcot volume.



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