II.7. Distinctiones Bibliae

I. Manuscripts

Sharpe (1475, p. 555) lists the Distinctiones Bibliae as an authentic work of Robert Holcot. Whether or not this work should be attributed to Holcot is far from certain, although at present there is no reason to dismiss the work as spurious.  Sharpe notes that the incipit of the work is Abominabitur autem Deus tales and  that it should be distinguished from Eustasius de Portu’s Distinctiones Holcot with an incipit Abicere debemus. Nota bene: see also my note here.

The manuscripts (for Holcot) listed by Sharpe are as follows:

1. Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, PK, ms. theol., fol. 183, 1r-231r.
2. Cambridge, Trinity College, ms. B.14.17.
3. Dublin, Trinity College, ms. 276, 6r-98v.
4. Oxford, Bodl., ms. Bodley 383, ff. 1r-103r.
5. Oxford, Merton College, ms. 112, ff. 6r-65r.

An example of Eustasius de Protu’s Distinctiones is found in:

London, Lambeth, ms. 221, ff. 58va-154rb (incipit abicere debemus).

I have been able to consult the Lambeth manuscript and the table of terms notes the work as Distinctiones Holcot and attributes it to him in the colophon. Stegmüller (2267,12) provides a longer incipit as: Abicere debemus divitias temporales, quia repellunt veritatem a congretatione Dei. Divites enim non possunt habere veram cognitionem Dei nec sui nec proximi  (NB: this is also provided in Kaeppeli, 1063). Further, he notes the following ms.

Basel, Univ. A.II.26, ff. 230ra-255vb,

and gives the following incipit (?) for the text: Colationes seu distinctiones moralitatum postillae mag. Roberti Holkott abbreviatae et per ordinem alphabeti abstracte per fr. Eustasium de Portu, usque ad litteram.  Stegmüller also lists for Eustasius’s text:

Klagenfurt, Bisch. Bibl. XXX b 5, ff. 135-312.
London, Lambeth, ms. 221, ff. 58va-154rb.
Wien, Dominikaner 206/172, ff. 97ra-188ra.

NB: the Catalogue of the Library of Syon Monastery, Isleworth, (ed. Mary Bateson), lists L 27, m. 27 (p. 93) as Distincciones holcote secundum ordinem alphabeti cum tabula vocali in fine; and L 47, m. 29 (p. 95) as Distincciones holcotte. Item distincciones parisiensis (?). The Cambridge Antiquarian Society published (1840) a list of works given to the library and college of St. Catherine’s Hall, by Dr. Woodlark, that listed a Distinciones Holcote super Sapientiam cujus (this is retained in the Catalog by M.R. James in 1925) . This latter title is repeated in an abbreviated form in the Berlin catalog printed in 1905 (Holcot, Distinctiones (super Sapientiam).

II. Incunabula/Early Modern Printings

There are no known incunabula or early printed editions of the Distinctiones.


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