II.6. Convertimini

I. Manuscripts

As with the Moralitates, Welter’s L’exemplum (p. 367, fn. 63) provides a list of manuscripts for the Convertimini. According to his record there are 9 manuscripts found in England. This list must be supplemented with M. W. Bloomfield, et al., Incipits of Latin Works on the Virtues and Vices, 1000-1500 AD (Cambridge, MA, 1979); and Richard Sharpe, A Handlist of Latin Writers of Great Britain and Ireland Before 1540, with Additions and Corrections (Belgium, 2001). The original list of Welter included:

1. England, London, British Museum, Royal, ms. 7 C 1, ff. 93-121v.
2. England, London, British Museum, Cott Vit., ms. C 14, ff. 128-158v.
3. England, London, British Museum, Addit., ms. 16170, ff. 80v-162.
4. England, London, British Museum, Harley, ms. 5369, ff. 169v-270v.
5. England, London, British Museum, Harley, ms. 5396, ff. 143-207v.
6. England, London, British Museum, Arundel, ms. 384, ff. 28-77v.
7. England, London, British Museum, Sloane, ms. 1616, ff. 33-135v.
8. England, London, British Museum, Harley, ms. 206, ff. 105-107v.
9. England, Cambridge, Jesus Coll. Lib. 54 Q G 6, ff. 34-64.

To which we must add (Bloomfield, 0989; Sharpe 1475):

10.  Cambridge University Library, ms. F.f. 4.476, fols. 30-59.
11. Cambridge, Jesus College, ms. Q.G.6 (54), fols. 34r-64.
12. Cambridge, Trinity College, ms. R.8.16.
13. Lincoln Cathedral, ms. 44, fols. 315r-338v.
14. Lincoln Cathedral, ms. 68, fols. 1r-42r.
15. Lambeth Palace, ms. 260, fols. 67r-79.
16. London University Library, ms. 657, pp. 1-74.
17. Oxford Bodleian Library, ms. Hamilton 37.
18. Wrocłav, University Library, ms. I.F.55.
19. Wrocłav, University Library, ms. I.F.56.
20. Wrocłav, University Library, ms. I.F.57.
21. Wrocłav, University Library, ms. I.F.58.

II. Incunabula/Early Modern Ediitons

 There are no known incunabula or early printed editions of the Convertimini.



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