II.2. Comm. on Ecclesiasticus

I. Manuscripts

The list of manuscripts presented here is reliant upon the work of T. Kaeppeli, Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum, III, 314-315.

1. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, ms. A II 26, ff. 104-105v, 107-119v.
2. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, ms. A X 40, ff. 78-80v.
3. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, ms. B V 11, ff. 1r-102v.   [see here]
4. Germany, Staatsbibliothek, ms. Theol. fol. 210, ff. 5-126.
5. Germany, Braunschweig, Stadtbibliothek, ms. 26 (no fol.).
6. Germany, Braunschweig, Stadtbibliothek, ms. 98 (no fol.).
7. Germany, Braunschweig, Stadtbibliothek, ms. 149, ff. 289-292v.
8. England, London, British Museum, Royal, ms. 2 D IV, ff. 14-89v.
9. England, London, British Museum, Royal, ms. 2 F VII, f. 231.
10. England, London, British Museum, Royal, ms. 3 A XIV (no fol.).
11. Modena, Bibl. Estense, ms. alpha W 8, 19, ff. 58r-58v.
12. Germany, Munich, Staatsbibliothek, Clm 13501, ff. 122-156v.
13. Germany, Munich, Staatsbibliothek, Clm 23463, ff. 137-213.
14. Napoli, Bibl. Naz., ms. V H 57, ff. 185v-186v (tabula).
15. Palermo, Bibl. Naz., ms. IV H 7 (no fol.).
16. Prague, Univ. Knihova, ms. VIII E 26 (no fol.).
17. St Peter im Schwarzwald, Priestersem. ms. 1, ff. 18-122.
18. Venice, SS. Giovani e Paolo, ms. 9 [see Sharpe 1475].
19. Wrocław, Bibl. Uniw., ms. II F 106, ff. 231-237v.

II. Incunabula/Early Modern Editions

Super librum Ecclesiastici. Venice 1509.



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