Richard Fishacre

Richard Fishacre (c. 1205-1248) was a Dominican theologian educated in England. He was born in the diocese of Exeter and eventually studied at the studium in Oxford, where he joined the Dominican Order. Fishacre is important in the history of medieval philosophy and theology for introducing Peter Lombard’s Sentences into the theological curriculum at Oxford. His commentary on the Sentences, which was composed sometime between 1241 and 1245, was the first of the genre to be written at Oxford.

The critical edition of Fishacre’s commentary on the Sentences is nearing completion.  The following volumes have appeared through the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Band 21, 23, 24, 25, 26):

(Band 21)- R. J. Long and M. O’Carroll, The Life and Works of Richard Fishacre OP:           Prolegomena to the Edition of his Commentary on the Sentences
(Band 23)- In secundum librum Sententiarum: Teil 2: Prol., Dist. 1-20 (ed. R. J. Long)
(Band 24)- In secundum librum Sententiarum: Teil 2: Dist. 21-44 (ed. R. J. Long)
(Band 25)- In tertium librum Sententiarum: Teil 1: Prol., Dist. 1-22 (ed. A. Eichinger,          H. Kraml and G. Leibold)
(Band 26)- In tertium librum Sententiarum: Teil 2: Dist. 23-40 (ed. K. Rodler)

The first book of Fishacre’s commentary on the Sentences is currently being edited by Stephen F. Brown, R. James Long, and John T. Slotemaker (in 2 volumes). The fourth book of his commentary is being edited by Joseph Goering, et al. (also in 2 volumes).


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