Adam Wodeham

Adam Wodeham (c. 1295-1358) was born near Southampton and entered the Franciscan order as a young man. As a young friar he was educated at the Franciscan studium in London where he studied under Walter Chatton (c. 1317-21) and William of Ockham (1320-24). During the latter period Wodeham collaborated with Ockham on the Summa logicae editing the work and preparing it for publication.

Wodeham first lectured on the Sentences of Peter Lombard sometime in the 1320’s at the London convent. While these lectures have not survived, his subsequent lectures (on book I of the Sentences) given at the provincial school in Norwich during the late 1320’s are extant in a single manuscript (Cambridge, Gonville and Caius, ms. 281(674), ff. 105-250) and have been edited and published as the Lectura secunda. Wodeham’s most mature work of philosophy and theology is his commentary on the Sentences delivered at Oxford between 1332 and 1334.  This work, known as the Ordinatio Oxoniensis, is more extensive and treats all four books of the Sentences. My research on Wodeham is focused on the Ordinatio.

 The ADAM WODEHAM CRITICAL EDITION PROJECT consists of an international team of scholars committed to editing Wodeham’s Ordinatio Oxoniensis. The Ordinatio is extant in five manuscripts:

Bruges, Bibl. de la Ville, ms. 172 (book IV);
Paris, Bibl. Mazarine, ms. 915 (books I-IV);
Paris, Bibl. de la Sorbonne, ms. 193 (books I-IV);
Tarazona, Bibl. de la Catedral, ms. cod. 7 (books I-IV); and
Vatican Library, Vat. Lat., ms. 955 (book I).

The focus thus far has been on editing book I and select transcriptions of the Vatican manuscript are available digitally on the project webpage. For a brief summary of Wodeham’s thought, see the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article I wrote with Jeffrey C. Witt.



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