John Mair

I have recently finished editing a book titled A Companion to the Theology of John Mair (for Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition) with Jeffrey C. Witt. For a complete bibliography of secondary scholarship on John Mair and a list (with hyperlinks) of primary sources, see Ueli Zahnd’s website dedicated to Mair.

The cover image for the volume is below. It is taken from the title page of Mair’s In Petri Hyspani Summulas Commentaria (Lyons, 1505) and is the only surviving contemporary image of Mair (the image below is from the University of Glasgow Library and is used with permission).


The content of the volume is as follows:

  Introductionby: J. T. Slotemaker and J. C. Witt
   John Mair: An Historical Introduction, by: J. K. Farge
Theology and Method
  John Mair on the Writing of Theology, by: A. Broadie
  Acquired Faith and Mair’s Theological Project, by: J. C. Witt
Metaphysics and Theological Themes
    John Mair’s Trinitarian Theology: the Inheritance of Scholastic Traditionby: J. T. Slotemaker
    John Mair on the Metaphysics of the Incarnation, by: R. Cross
Human Nature and Moral Reasoning
   John Mair on Beatific Enjoyment: New Wine in Old Wineskins, by: S. Kitanov
   Conscience and Synderesis in John Mair’s Philosophical Theology, by: P. Kärkkäinen
   John Mair’s Moral Theology and its Reception in the 16th Century, by: J. Keenan
Salvation and Sacraments
    John Mair’s Doctrine of Justification Within the Context of the Early 16th Century, by: D. Fink
   Terms, Signs, Sacraments: The Correlation between Logic and Theology and the Philosophical      Context of Book IV of Mair’s Sentences Commentary, by: U. Zahnd
  List of Sentences Commentaries By John Mairby: J. T. Slotemaker, J. C. Witt, and U. Zahnd
  Table of Questionsby: J. T. Slotemaker, J. C. Witt, and U. Zahnd
   An Analytic Bibliography by Name and Subject, by: J. Farge and U. Zahnd


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