A call for papers to organize a workshop at the:

XVIIth International Conference on Patristics Studies

Oxford University

10 August-14 August 2015

The XVIIth Oxford Patristics Conference (hereafter OPC) will take place in the Examination Schools on High Street, Oxford during August of 2015. The general call for papers has been issued (see: and the deadline for both short communications (i.e., individual papers) and workshops is 31 December 2014.  The present call for papers is to organize a workshop on Augustine in Late Medieval Philosophy and Theology within the nachleben (lit. ‘after life’) subdivision of the OPC. This subdivision treats the reception of the patristic tradition within subsequent Church history.

Within the OPC a workshop is defined as a conglomerate of up to 12 papers focused on an individual theme that can lead to a separate Studia Patristica volume dedicated to the topic at hand. The goal of the present workshop is to organize a group of 10 to 12 papers that examine the reception of Augustine of Hippo’s thought in the late medieval period (i.e., the late 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries). Given the recent literature on the reception of Augustine in the Medieval Latin West (e.g., K. Pollman (ed.) et al., The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine; E.L. Saak, Creating Augustine), the organizers think that the time is ripe for a workshop dedicated to the proposed topic. Thus, we welcome paper proposals examining the influence of Augustine’s thought in late medieval philosophy or theology. In particular, we welcome proposals (c. 200-250 words) that consider heretofore un-studied or understudied works. Textually, the workshop hopes to include studies of: the Sentences commentary tradition; Biblical commentaries; and commentaries on the Aristotelian corpus. Studies are particularly encouraged on understudied members of the Hermits of Saint Augustine (O.E.S.A) or the largely neglected commentaries on the Lombard’s Sentences by members of the Cistercian Order (O.Cist.). That said, we welcome paper proposals on any topic examining the influence of Augustine’s thought in late medieval philosophy or theology.

Please submit proposals [and/or questions] to either:

John T. Slotemaker at: johnslotemaker [at] gmail [dot] com


Jeffrey C. Witt at: jeffreycwitt [at] gmail [dot] com

Deadline for Submissions: 1 October 2014


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